Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lovely Legwear

With the likes of Lily Allen and Alexa Chung sporting statement legwear last season, suddenly the humble tight came into its own.

The trend powers on through to next year with some of the hottest tights and stockings we've seen being shown at PURE.

Pamela Mann gives us fishnets of every persuasion - from subtle sized criss-cross to huge holes in every shade conceivable from neon green to duck egg blue.

Also from Pamela Mann were striped Dennis the Menace style numbers plus the ultra-sexy black on black tights loved by Alexa et al featuring hold up and tattoo details.

Gispytights.co.uk also have a stand at PURE and had a good few style that caught our eye. Our faves were these bright white tights with black hearts down the back, plus the lacy cut-off numbers that come to just below the knee. We've already got our eye on these beauts for some hot festival fashion action next year.

Cosmo xx

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