Sunday, 1 August 2010

Trend Seminar

ASOS’ Women’s Wear Buyer Jo Hunt and Fashion Buyer UK’s Deputy Editor,
Steve Spear just gave an exciting seminar on the trends to watch out for
this autumn and beyond. Here are a few of their top tips that the
fashion-forward should adopt now!

- Bird motifs are the new animal prints. Especially swallows! Cute
boutique brand Yumi (pictured) is doing it really well. Check them out!
- 1950s style is going to be HUGE, think lady like glamour - kitten
heels and nipped-in waists
- The 1980s love affair isn’t over yet! The next wave of it will
feature black and white photo print jerseys. Very Shoreditch!
- Invest in velvet for day and night. Capes will be everywhere, as will
fake fur and gillets
- Shorts are going nowhere! So recycle your summer pairs for next
- The new length for skirts if mid-calf… Eek!
- Layering, especially oversized shirts over little dresses and
shearling will be the way to dress

Roll on autumn!!

1 comment:

  1. So excited to hear that Bird motifs are in! Much perfer them to animal prints! :) x